About Us

The Traveling Spirits Sampler is the quintessential medium for transporting your favorite spirits to your vacation destination, family gathering, card party, or wherever else you may travel to where you might wish to share both spirits and time with family or friends.

Which is precisely the reason why I created it.

It is a long-standing tradition in our family for my father, three brothers and I to go on a biennial fishing trip. Of course, on most of these trips it was not unusual for a few beers to be consumed while throwing out our lines. But on one of these trips, my brother Johnny added a decent bottle of bourbon to the mix, which is when we discovered that the five of us bonded further over our enjoyment.

After a few years of including bourbon in our vacation repertoire, I decided to elevate our normal post-fishing bourbons by conducting an organized blind tasting. We sampled eight bourbons over two days, which was met with enthusiasm and appreciated by all.

Soon, this evolved into my brothers and I exchanging blind samples at family get-togethers, or wherever else our paths crossed over the years, no matter the occasion.

The genesis of the Traveling Spirits Sampler had taken root.

For Christmas in 2018, I wanted to gift each of my brothers a blind sampler set that included six 2 oz. sample bottles and two Glencairns that I had engraved with an ode to our fishing trips. To that end, I visited multiple businesses that specialized in packing in search of a ‘better box’ to include said sample bottles and the Glencairns. I was shocked to discover that there was no such product available for this specific purpose.

As a visual artist who swings a hammer by day and slings drinks by night, I undertook to make the ‘better box’ myself. After almost a year of prototyping, I finally arrived at a form and function that I think honors my original intention. 

This past Christmas, I was able to gift each of my brothers a Traveling Spirits Sampler, one that is as elegant as it is useful. 


Tim McMichael

Traveling Spirits Founder

December 2019